Maine Climate Table
Working together for climate action in Maine
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What is the Maine Climate Table?

The Climate Table is a broad, non-partisan, partnership that currently includes participation from over 140 individuals and organizations from the business, nonprofit, philanthropic and government sectors in Maine. The Maine Climate Table began in 2013 out of concern about the impacts of climate change on Maine’s environment and economy. The Climate Table’s vision is to create a state-based model for climate initiatives that increases broad civic engagement and leads to climate action. 

What is our goal?

Our primary goal is to engage more people in community based climate action that will collectively help to reduce climate changing pollution, support adaptation to the changing conditions around us and promote measures that will increase the resiliency of Maine’s communities and small businesses.

Who can join?

Participation in the Climate Table is open to any organization or individual that is interested in supporting our efforts. 

How are we organized?

A Steering Committee leads the Climate Table and is empowered to make budgetary, administrative and strategic decisions when it meets monthly. The Steering Committee is currently made up of the following organizations:

  • Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
  • The Island Institute
  • Maine Farmland Trust
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Unity College
  • Lee International 
  • Maine People’s Resource Center (fiscal agent for the Climate Table)
  • (Maine Conservation Voters and the Natural Resources Council of Maine served on the Steering Committee from 2013-2016)

What do we do? 

The Climate Table started its work in 2013 by identifying the five most pressing climate issue areas for the State of Maine. Our objective is to catalyze and support action in each of these areas as capacity permits. The issue areas are: 

  • Energy Efficiency 
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oceans/Freshwater 
  • Farming and Food Systems 
  • Dedicated Financing for Climate Action in all of these areas

How do we do it? The Four Cs:

The Climate Table supports existing work and helps to get new projects off the ground using the “Four Cs”:

  • Convene people who are not currently working together but share an interest in climate change action, and/or community based action;
  • Connect them and help to highlight areas of common interest;
  • Catalyze new actions the Climate Table can support that will help meet the Climate Table’s goals; and
  • Commission new research, where appropriate.